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How to do Japan

I am an impulsive person, and sometimes my planning suffers from that. But hey, learning by doing, am I right?

One thing I learned from my Japan-trip, that I want to share with you, is: Travel to more than two cities, like travel around, book that Shinkansen or whatever they call it. 'Cause my friend and I didn't and I regretted that. We only travelled to Tokyo and Kyoto (took the bullet train, which was an experience in itself), and I wish we had travelled to Osaka, Kobe, Okinawa and some other cities too. Having said that, this trip was pretty off the hook! And OMG the food!

On one of the first nights in Tokyo we went to a ROBOT SHOW - which was a bit pricey and bad, but we laughed so much, that it was absolutely worth it. We were expecting to see real robots, but mostly it was humans in robot costumes. It was weird and wonderful. I don't want to give away too much in case you decide to do this, but here's a little something from the waiting room. PS. We did not eat…

3 things to do in Rome

I had a weekend in Rome with my friend Dang.

Yes, we did all the touristy stuff like seeing Fontana Di Trevi and waving to the Pope at the Vatican as cray pop music played loudly from the speakers, and yes it was lush and breathtaking when we got inside of Saint Peter's Basilica, BUT there are three other experiences I would rather highlight.


Of course you have to eat pizza when in Italy, and we ended up doing that at a cute little place called Dar Poeta in Trastevere (which is a charming area to explore anyways), and OMG what a pizza! I ordered a margherita, and it was honestly sooo good! It had a thin crust and the chilli flakes they added made this margherita maybe the sexiest margherita pizza ever made. Go there for pizza, and if the sun is shining, sit outside. And also, be sure to book beforehand.


After our pizza, we walked around and it's pretty much a coincident that we decided to check out Santa Maria della Scala, also located in Trastevere.

In love with travelling

This is long overdue. But since I've turned into such a globetrotter this needed to be done.

Welcome to my low key travel blog.

This is my face.

The reason I have chosen this picture is not because I look badass, but because this is where it all started. I had been travelling a bit already, but for the first time in my life, I was travelling solo, and I couldn't believe I hadn't done it before. 'Cause I LOVE solo travelling.

The destination? Los Angeles, California, USA.

Trump had just won the elections and was starting all kinds of bans, and so, I was kind of worried they wouldn't let me in, considering my Muslim background. However, everything went smoothly at the airport. Almost too smoothly, which you can't say about the politics in USA ever since Trump triumphed in 2016.

Anyway before this I was chillin'. I met a lot of cool people in Los Angeles, like Sri from the band Doctors & Engineers (check out their band), rad bikers and other beautiful bein…