SKAM fans at a California pool party

One of many pools in Los Angeles, California.

One of my favorite memory from my solo-trip to USA is when I met SKAM-fans at a California pool party, where my Instagram-friend Sri had brought me. There was BBQ and people were drinking out of red cups, just like they do in those American college-movies.

I spotted some cool girls by the pool, walked on over, and ended up having a little chat with them. I could see the stars in their eyes when I told them I was from Norway. Imagine my surprise when they suddenly started talking Norwegian, and they were pretty good at it too! Turns out, they had been watching SKAM.

Now, I don't know If you even know about this television show, or if you still remember it (how could you forget?). It's been a while since the season finale. Maybe you know SKAM Austin, the American teen drama web television. Well, its based on the Norwegian web series, created by Julie Andem. It's a drama about the daily life of teenagers, and this drama was very popular amongst the youth. Not only in Norway.

So there I was, at a pool party in California, I think in Pasadena, and of course these girls knew about SKAM, they were huge fans! They had even started to learn Norwegian because of the series. I think that's amazing!

At that time the last season was being shown, with the main character Sana played by fabulous Iman Meskini. It dealt with religion, forbidden love, cyberbullying and friendship. The girls started to talk about Sanas trademark, her eyeliner, and when I told them that I could actually deliver a message to Iman they got super giggly, which is sooo cute. Anyway, here's a little video clip of the most charming girls in California. <3

Oh, in case you're wondering if I ever delivered that message to Iman, yes, I did, and she was very moved. Like tons of hearts-emoji-moved.



  1. Well this seems like you had a lot of fun! I watched one episode of SKAM and probably should more.

    1. It was, and yeah, I thought SKAM was really good!

  2. What a fun experience! I have to admit, "There was BBQ and people were drinking out of red cups, just like they do in those American college-movies." made me laugh. We are pretty typical here I guess!

  3. It sounds like you had a wonderful time! :D


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