Colorful & mouth-watering desserts in Cali

I am so sad I didn't see this video until AFTER my Los Angeles-trip, cause had I seen this in time, I would have payed the Milk Tavern a sweet little trip.

That been said, I love looking around social media for tips, and I think that INSIDER share some pretty cool stuff from their channels. Like this video of 11 colorful desserts in southern California. Definitely checking a few of these out next time I'm in Cali.


  1. I live in Los Angeles and it was pretty cool to watch this video! I've heard so much about The Loop!!! I've seen Instagrammers advertising it like crazy. I've seen Snow Monster around - gotta try out their ice cream some day. I've tried the dragon's breath treat before! It's great but gotta be careful with the nitrogen @__@. Thanks for sharing!! :)

    Nancy ♥

    1. You're so lucky! I hope I get to try some of these next time I'm in LA!

  2. Those look so good! I have never been to Cali though. It is on my wish list of travel!

  3. These candies and ice-creams look so yummy. You don't know you just gave me an appetite. I really gotta go find some ice cream from my refrigerator.


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